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what expenses can i claim for as a contractor

Here at Paysure we will always provide guidance and advice on what Tax
deductable expenses you can claim and what supporting documentation is required.

We follow HMRC guidance to help determine which expenses can and cannot be claimed.

The general rule of thumb applied in determining which expenses can be deductable is that they must be incurred “Wholly, exclusively and necessarily” in the performance of the duties and tasks within your contract position.

Limited Company

Paysure – Expense Guide – PSCs

PSC Example Expense Form

Umbrella Employee Documents

Paysure – Expense Guide – Employees

Paysure Employee Expense Claim Form
Please contact Paysure to discuss applicable expense claims. Allowable claims will vary depending on which service you choose including Limited Company, Umbrella (outside SDC) and Umbrella (inside SDC.)

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Many thanks for your help over the last few months, and you can be sure that if I speak to any other new contractors I would fully recommend Paysure. It has been a pleasure using your service

— Paul B